Social Consultation

Social Consultation

Facebook Consulting

Do you have an existing Facebook page, but don’t know how to take it to the next level?

Does your brand have a social media team that could use some outside consultation?

It is very common for someone from the “outside” to give guidance about what could be done differently, more efficiently, or more effectively.

Twitter Consulting

Do you get confused with twitter lingo? Do you know how  to tweet or why you should tweet? Let us make it easy for you. We can teach you how to integrate Photo/Video/Audio into your tweets. We teach you how to use Hashtags (#) and tag people and businesses (@).

If you want, we will integrate your Facebook page and Twitter page.

Instagram Consulting

Do you want to target a photo to a certain group? Do you want to promote a product to a large number of people following similar products or interests? This is a great way to capitalize on a youthful audience that spends money. Photos are worth 1000 words, or more!

LinkedIn Consulting

Are you in the job market? Are you searching for new employees? We can set you up on LinkedIn, It’s the most powerful job search aid around today. We can show you everything you need to know about this powerful tool, for employers or job hunters!

Youtube Consulting

Do you have a collection of videos that you need to get on the web? We will not only get them on the web, we will get them prepared to embed on your website.

We can set you up as a YouTube Partner, so if one of your videos goes viral you will be able to cash in on advertising revenue from your channel.

Snapchat Consulting 

Snapchat is one of the latest and greatest forms of social media. Once you post, you don’t leave a lasting footprint, but you are capitalizing on urgency. Urgency creates impulse buys.